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NDS FlashMe

Currently it is a hacked version of original firmware.
Unoficial / Hacked Nintendo DS firmware update replacement (a.k.a. FlashMe)

Why would you need to use this FlashMe update - With it Nintendo DS will now boot normal games, just as it did. It will also boot DS homebrew on a GBA Flash cart without the need for any additional hardware! It also boots VERY FAST! And gets rid of the warning screen.

What it does is:

  • The button combination A+B+X+Y, gamecode "PASS" or title "DSBooter" on the GBA cartridge starts program from GBA cartridge.
  • backlight fades in
  • remove RSA signature check for uploading and running NDS files

To install FlashMe

Open the battery lid, remove the square white/pink sticker from the hole indicated by the arrow in the picture and make contact between the two SL1 pads by putting a solid metal object in the hole. You could use a screw or screwdriver for example.
DO NOT SWITCH OFF OR REMOVE BATTERY UNTIL IT IS FINISHED! The process is only PAUSED when SL1 contact is lost.
Future patches/upgrades might not require this action. Please do not remove the battery or touch the other two holes!

If you receive an error "Invalid" next to your ID, be sure to download the current version of getID.ds.gba. I had the same issue, and it turned out my browser was caching the old file, so I kept "downloading" the old file. it should be 4500 bytes. If it's not, clear your cache and try again.

flashme.ds.gba - installation
noflashme.ds.gba - uninstallation

Thanks to: Loopy, FireFly, Costis, DarkFader.
This site is not affiliated or endorsed by Nintendo.

flashme firmware update ds


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