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Original Nintendo DS ROM Cartridges. First generation and second geneartin nds flash cards.

GBA Flash carts tested with NDS:

NeoFlash & Magic Key
  • 1 x USB Neo Slim Loader III
  • 1 x NeoFlash Cart (same as XG2T)
  • 1 x CD with Software and Drivers
  • 1 x Magic Key a.k.a NDS PassMe
XG-Flash 2 TURBO 2005
  • 1 x USB XG2 Slim Loader III
  • 1 x XG-Flash 2 Turbo Cart
  • 1 x CD with Software and Drivers
  • 1 x USB Extention cable

Golden Sun Team (GTS NDS save)
GST or Golden Sun Team has made the first working dumps of Metroid and Mario games. Roms have been patched with some kind of NDS_save patch that makes it work...


nintendo ds girl

G6flash 3 NDS ROMS - G6 Flash Nintendo DS Roms

ds pasme g6 nds romsG6Falsh 3rd generation will be put out with two versions separately

As a result of hardware structure difference, our G6 Flash 3rd generation will be put out with two versions separately.

G6Flash 3 GBA version:

It can be compatible with all GBA games perfectly and can be supplementary with all necessary functions. It can be entered into NDS mode with Passkey, and can support Homebrew and Demo nds roms.

G6Flash 3 NDS version:

It can be compatible with all GBA games perfectly and can be supplementary with all necessary functions. It can be entered into NDS mode with Passkey, and can support Homebrew and Demo games and Real Commercial NDS roms games.

Both G6 Flash 3 versions can support nds roms multi-game function.

G6Flash 3rd Generation has changed software, and also developed Multi Media Player and USB disk feature with large capacity of 2Gb and 4Gb after made full use of this advantage.

The final version of software for G6Flash 3 is still under test.
- Movie Player ( with crystal engine ) has been successfully tested. The performance is very good.
- Instant Save function completed. Some new features are added.
- Other control interface are completed.

G6 Flash3 can not only play games, but can watch movies, enjoy music, look up dictionary, view pictures, read e-book conveniently. Moreover, it is a practical U disk.

1G = 1 Giga bit = 1024 bit = 4 X 256M = Store up to 32 games of 32M.
2G = 2 Giga bit = 2048 bit = 8 X 256M = Store up to 64 games of 32M.
4G = 4 Giga bit = 4096 bit = 16 x 256M = Store up to 128 games of 32M

G6Flash 3 is the fastest R/W speed Flash Card in the world, only takes about 10 sec for writing 128M game from PC to Flash Card. Over 15 times faster than similar products.

It is very simple to play movies and music. You only download movies or music files that will be playing in G6Flash3 Card, and insert Flash Card into GBA / NDS, then switch it on. Select Media Player Icon and click "A" button to confirm, than select Movie / Music Icon after GBA Movie Player interface appears.

The format can be played on GBA / NDS is the special GBM and GBS format. Have already provide abundant Movies and music for everybody to download at present. You can't play some general formats directly on a GBA / NDS, but the format can be played on a GBA / NDS when being converted into GBM and GBS format by the conversion software that we offered.

File format that the our software supports at present:
Dobly AC3 audio frequency file (*. AC3)
target's file of DVD video (*. VOB)
wave form sound file of Microsoft (*. WAV)
MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 file (*. MP2)
MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 file (*. MP3)
Real media file (*. RA, *. RM, *. RAM, *. RMVB)
MPEG-1 media file (*. Mpeg, *. Mpg)
MPEG-2 media file (*. M2V)
Windows media file (*. AVI, *. ASF, *. WMA, *. WMV)
VCD video file (*. DAT)
QuickTime media file (*. MOV)
MPEG-4 media file (*. AVI)
DivX media file (*. AVI)

GBA Movie Player will offer the conversion software of crystal engine and can play crystal engine movie ideally. Including good quality and effects, Crystal Engine Movie is the most GBA movie at present. Even it doesn't convert movies by yourself, you can download a lot of latest and most popular GBA movies on the net. If unofficial GBA movie player is unable to play Crystal Engine Movie, only convert the movie by itself, otherwise you can only enjoy watching the online GBA movie that plays the extremely small part.

Emulator Games means every kinds of game in every game console can run on a PC in the most early time. Emulator games at present can have run at GBA / NDS already. In general, there are only two kinds of methods for these games that can be run on the Flash Card.
Method 1: Convert the different kind of emulator games such as, FC, GC, GG etc into standard GBA format (.gba) through the conversion software.
Method 2: Directly run those FC, GC, GG etc Emulator Games through starting up the GBA program with some emulator functions (such as Pogoshell). Since G6Flash3 Card has already been built-in emulator function, it can run these Emulator Games directly. For instance: FC, NES, SNES, GB, GBC, PCE, SEGA-MS & GG etc. It's very convenient to the user. For instance, it has function of running Emulator Games, and it is equal to have many game consoles and games with different popular styles in the past.



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