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NDS Emulator - Nintendo DS roms emu

NDS ROMs Emu DS emulator is a program that lets you play ds games on computer. An emulator is a program that allows one computer platform (example PC with Windoes XP or Win98 and Mac with Mac OS X) to mimic another for the purposes of running its software - in our case software is Nintendo DS Games - that is NDS roms. Here are some Nintendo DS NDS Emulator available for download (the emulators do not work with commercial nds roms yet) so dont email us about it.


Dualis is a plugin-based DS emulator for x86/Win32 computers. It is written in x86 assembly and C++. Important information: Dualis is not able to run dumps of NDS cartridges. Do not ask me if/when it will be able to run said dumps. Also, do not ask me how/where to get non-public material concerning the DS.

"I'm trying to run a binary and the emulator crashes"
This version of Dualis only supports ARM9 binaries. The emulator loads the binary into main memory starting at 0x2004000, and then excutes it from there.
Make sure you're not trying to run a binary containing code for the ARM7, or one that relies on being executed from ROM.
If it still doesn't work, then your code is probably relying on some feature which hasn't yet been implemented in Dualis.


New emulator development found for the NDS. Its called IDeaS which the symbolic of Ideas and DS lolx. Check it out still under development no official donwload release yet. But its glad to see more emus are coming out now. By DesktopMan

I have tried with the Metroid Demo. It works but it stops on this image.
The new version of iDeaS is available, The changes are : Fixed some errors in GXFIFO, Added sound capabilities (DSBONGA, AUDIO SAMPLER...), Fixed some errors in TEXGEN_NORMAL, Fixed some errors in OAMs and added bitmap sprite management, Added default load arm7 binary.


The 2nd DS Emulator exist (unsure about the authenticity of this emulator might be a fake) its called HyperDS. Download is not yet available atm.


Another way of playing NDS roms is using Nintendo DS Backup Flash Cards and Flash Linkers. Check our nds flash page and news for updates about NeoFlash and XG2 that can be used for this purpouse.

Nintendo DS & DSi Emulator for Mac OS X

NDS Backup News

Free software for NDS backup flash cards. At this moment you can use the software for burning backup Nintendo DS roms to Flash cartridges, but you can not make backup copies from original nintendo carts.

Golden Sun Team (GTS NDS save)
GST or Golden Sun Team has made the first working dumps of Metroid and Mario games. Roms have been patched with some kind of NDS_save patch that makes it work..

Waiting for more DS backups
This means that we have to wait for release groups to come out with new NDS roms that are patched in a way that lets them be plaid from a flash cart in gba slot of the ds.

NDS Flash Card Brands

XG-Flash 2 TURBO 2005
  • 1 x USB XG2 Slim Loader III
  • 1 x XG-Flash 2 Turbo Cart
  • 1 x CD with Software and Drivers
  • 1 x USB Extention cable
NeoFlash & Magic Key
  • 1 x USB Neo Slim Loader III
  • 1 x Neo Flash 2 Cart (same as XG2T)
  • 1 x CD with Software and Drivers
  • 1 x Magic Key a.k.a NDS PassMe


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