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NDS Flash Cards

NeoFlash & Magic Key

NDS Flash Cards - Nintendo DS Backup

XGflash2 TURBO + PassMe / MagicKey

Original Nintendo DS ROM Cartridges. First generation and seconf geneartin nds flash cards.

GBA Flash carts tested with NDS (For playing backup GBA roms):

OK XGflash2 Turbo 256M & 1G
OK XG2 Pro 256M + 64M ZIP
OK EZF-Advance II
OK Neo Flash 512 Mbit
OK EZ-Flash 3
OK Flash 2 Advance 128Mbit
NO Flash Advance Card 64Mbit (doesn't fit)
OK Flash Advance Pro 256Mbit
NO Flash Advance Turbo 128Mbit (doesn't fit)
OK Flash Advance Xtreme 128Mbit
NO Flash Advance Xtreme 512Mbit (cart doesn't fit, just like the GBA SP)
NA Flash 2 Advance Ultra 256Mbit (cart not detected)
OK G6-Flash 1Gbit
OK Pro Card 128Mbit
OK X-Rom 512Mbit
OK XG-Flash 128Mbit
EFA-Linker 512Mbit (Hard to insert)
OK EZF-Advance
OK EZF-Advance II




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