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Original Nintendo DS ROM Cartridges. First generation and second geneartin nds flash cards.

GBA Flash carts tested with NDS:

OK XGflash2 Turbo 256M & 1G
OK XG2 Pro 256M + 64M ZIP
OK EZF-Advance II
OK Neo Flash 512 Mbit

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NDS Backup - Nintendo DS ROMs Flash Carts

None of the linkers that have been released so far can backup nds roms so users have to depend on release groups like golden sun team to backup ds games for them.

First 2 working NDS rom backups have been made by GoldenSun Team.0001.Metroid.Prime.Hunters.First.Hunt.(U).(NDS_save).NDS
This rom has a 4k save type, you must use a NDS original cart that has the same 4k size save type in order to boot this rom, otherwise you will loose the game save data. 0002 - Super.Mario.64.DS.(U).(NDS_save).NDS backup rom.
64k save type - use a NDS original cart that has the same 64k size save

Existing NDS Backup solutions.

NeoFlash a.k.a. XGflash2 can be used for playing commercial nds roms. At thsi point all 3 of them.

NDS Backup News

Free software for NDS backup flash cards. At this moment you can use the software for burning backup Nintendo DS roms to Flash cartridges, but you can not make backup copies from original nintendo carts.

Waiting for more DS backups
This means that we have to wait for release groups to come out with new NDS roms that are patched in a way that lets them be plaid from a flash cart in gba slot of the ds.

Golden Sun Team (GTS NDS save)
GST or Golden Sun Team has made the first working dumps of Metroid and Mario games. Roms have been patched with some kind of NDS_save patch that makes it work...

NDS Flash Card Brands

NeoFlash & Magic Key
  • 1 x USB Neo Slim Loader III
  • 1 x Neo Flash 2 Cart (same as XG2T)
  • 1 x CD with Software and Drivers
  • 1 x Magic Key a.k.a NDS PassMe
XG-Flash 2 TURBO 2005
  • 1 x USB XG2 Slim Loader III
  • 1 x XG-Flash 2 Turbo Cart
  • 1 x CD with Software and Drivers
  • 1 x USB Extention cable


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